The entire range of Biorepair is made without the addition of fluoride, to limit its absorption and preserve the integrity of teeth and gums.

  1. Preventive effect on dental caries through the remineralization of the initial lesions
  2. Desensitizing effect of dentin as it promotes the obliteration of the dentinal tubules

The innovative formula is made with in addition to microRepair®, Hydroxyapatite crystals made of the same substance as the teeth which, with each use, are fixed to the surface of the enamel, remineralizing it and protecting the teeth from caries, plaque and sensitivity.
MicroRepair® naturally bond with tooth enamel. They penetrate micro-scratches and delicately coat the surface, repairing the enamel immediately and 100%.
They play an important action even in primary teeth and protects against cavities and encouraging the growth of permanent teeth strong and healthy and full protection of children's mouth.

Need to know:

  1. Biorepair products can be used by the whole family every day. No need to pause using these products!
  2. Some consumers may insist that fluoride is still needed and acts beneficially in small quantities. Biorepair, which does not contain fluoride, contains hydroxyopatite crystals, which is a much more effective substance when it comes to tooth remineralization and ZINC PCA (Zinc Carboxyl Pyrrolidonic Acid) which is a strong antiseptic.
  3. Biorepair can also be used when the teeth are healthy and there is no pain caused by sensitivity. Remember - every day the teeth are subjected to the destructive and aggressive action of external factors. Biorepair helps teeth, remineralizes and protects.
  4. Microrepair biomimetic crystals are zinc hydroxyopatite crystals. When brushing, they penetrate the cracks on the surface of the teeth and harden in them, blocking the access of destructive factors and those that negatively influence and cause the sensitivity of the teeth.
  5. Biorepair products do not contain silicon abrasives, sodium lauryl sulfate, titanium dioxide and parabens.

Manufacturer: Coswell S.p.A., Via Pietro Gobetti, 4, 40050 Funo BO, Italia