Instrumental clinical trials performed on volunteers under medical supervision in just 30 days, confirmed the effectiveness of BlanX toothpaste in reducing stains on teeth and increasing whiteness compared to a control white.

Low abrasiveness, minimum RDA.
A good whitening toothpaste, precisely because it becomes a common hygiene tool for prolonged use, must offer high guarantees of tolerability and biocompatibility for both the tooth and the gingival mucosa.
BlanX toothpastes have been formulated with a calibrated mixture of high quality silica, with a particle size, which allows it to have an excellent cleaning effect while respecting the integrity of tooth enamel to the maximum.

Gum protection
An in vitro test on human gingival cells allowed us to verify the absence of irritating power of BlanX toothpastes and the excellent biocompatibility with gingival cells.
BlanX toothpastes protect the tooth through several modes of action:

  • due to the anti-plaque and bacteriostatic effect;
  • due to the gentle, deep but non-abrasive cleaning effect;
  • due to its high biocompatibility and protective action on the gingival mucosa.

The success of Blanx toothpaste: scientific research and ancient natural traditions

During an expedition to the Arctic, scientists noticed that people in the area had extraordinarily white and healthy teeth.
Their only oral hygiene activity was to brush their teeth with a lichen that grew in abundance at those latitudes.
Lichens are plant organisms capable of extracting energy from solar radiation.
They manage to live in extreme conditions, colonizing clean lands like the Arctic. It must be protected from high stress conditions, produce many specific substances with protective activities, including natural antibacterial substances.
The active substances contained in lichen act only against those categories of microorganisms harmful to the tooth and involved in the formation of plaque, while leaving the bacterial flora unaltered, useful for the well-being of the oral cavity.
Lichen extract is able to control the number of bacteria present and inhibit their adhesion to the tooth. In this way, they help prevent plaque formation and the adhesion of all those factors to the origin of tooth discoloration.
Based on this observation, Italian researchers studied and isolated the active components contained in arctic lichen and, thanks to the use of these extracts, BlanX created a unique toothpaste for effectiveness and protection.