Caring for the beauty and well-being of sensitive skin is our main concern at Skincode. As leaders in Swiss dermatological research, we strive to develop high-performance, medical-grade formulas, which not only bring visible results but also assure extremely high skin tolerance; Health – Safety – Beauty.

We understand how skin sensitivity is triggered by an increase in allergies and irritation through environmental pollution, wide-spread use of chemicals, UV-radiation and demanding lifestyles. Our products are a pure reflection of our strict principles and core values that luxury skincare should be both clean and deliver visible results. Each product is designed to answer all unique skin needs of every person around the world.


A clinically tested collection following the famous Swiss cellular anti-aging principles, providing advanced and luxurious, high-performance anti-aging skincare solutions.

The cutting-edge Skincode Exclusive products offer concentrated skincare treatments with powerful active ingredients and rich textures. Each Exclusive product is powered by the most innovative actives and latest in dermatological research. At the core is the Active Cellular Regenerating (ACR) Complex, Skincode Exclusive’s signature complex that is clinically proven to target and combat signs of aging at the cellular level.


Active Cellular Regenerating (ACR) Complex is a winning combination found in the Skincode Exclusive products. A blend of two powerful complexes working in perfect synergy to slow down signs of aging.

Syn®-Tacks is a blend of Tri-peptide and Tetra-peptide-7, which increases cellular communication and improves epidermal nourishment to reduce wrinkles, increase skin firmness and improve compactness.

Soyaglycone is a powerful natural collagen booster that penetrates deeply into the skin to deliver a visible lift and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.


From cleansing and moisturizing to targeting specific skin concerns, Skincode Essentials offer complete solutions for every skin type.

The advanced dermocosmetic skincare collection is formulated to satisfy the daily needs of even the most sensitive skin. Skincode Essentials consist of the Daily Care collection to provide gentle and effective daily skincare solutions for all skin types, 24h collection that is ideal for stressed and very sensitive skin, S.O.S. Oil Control collection formulated to treat break-outs and excess oil production, Alpine White collection to target pigmentation issues and the Baby line to care for delicate baby skin. All contain a sophisticated blend of biotech ingredients, including a high percentage of the medical grade ingredient CM-Glucan.


A patented, medical grade active ingredient used in dermatology to soothe, repair and regenerate the skin. CM-Glucan is at the core of the gentle, high-performance Skincode Essentials.

Purified from the cell walls of baker’s yeast this active ingredient has the ability to stimulate the skin’s own defence mechanism. CM-Glucan enhances the skin’s resistance to UVA induced oxidative stress, as well as other environmental hazards. It enhances the turnover of cell renewal and improves the skin’s barrier, while calming and reducing irritations. It is therefore ideal for sensitive skin and people suffering from dermatitis, rosacea and eczema. It can also be used to encourage skin healing after laser, chemical peels and other treatments.

For more than 20 years, we have been partnering with globally recognized Swiss dermatologists, ingredient experts and laboratories to implement the latest in science, dermatological research and clean beauty.